Birchbox July 2013

I can’t review July’s Birchbox for you guys yet because I never got it. I got the shipping notice, but the tracking info never updated and my box never showed up. I sent in an email letting them know, and they told me this:

birchbox email

Mmmmm….’kay? So, I never got another email back, and our money was never refunded. I *guess* that means I should get another box; but I never got a new tracking number either.  I’m also not super happy with being told I was going to get a bunch of different stuff. I don’t know what that means! Leftovers? Junk drawer detritus?

That was on 7/23, and I haven’t seen anything yet. 10 business days will be next Tuesday, so see you (by) next Tuesday, Birchbox! I hope!

I’ll keep you guys updated on this crisis as it continues to unfold.



4 thoughts on “Birchbox July 2013

  1. Suzi says:

    I found Birchbox to be nothing but a disappointment. I gave them a good, long streak to impress me, but they never really did. Half my box usually ended up being awful tasting energy bars and wildly overpowering perfumes. Their reward point system was also frustrating because they had so few options to choose from in their store. I did once get a Beauty Blender though, so it wasn’t all bad. It just seems like they’ve expanded way too much and don’t really have enough quality stock to keep up.

    I love the concept of the beauty box though, and I wish someone could get it right. I feel like Sephora could nail it if they ever wanted to get in the game. Their regular/deluxe sample selections tend to have way more products that I’m actually interested in. Let’s start a petition! 😉

    • Sarah Cosper says:

      I agree with you about Sephora. A lot of their deluxe samples and 100 point gifts find their way into my makeup bag. I want to get real stuff though, not a bunch of tear open packets, you know? I’ve got drawers full of those things. I want to be able to really try a product. I told Birchbox I wasn’t interested in perfume samples, so I hope I never get any.

      I’ve decided to give Birchbox a few more months. We’ll see. I just got charged for the August box, so if this July box never shows, I’m going to be pissed.

  2. Denys says:

    “See you next Tuesday, Birchbox”? I know you threw that “by” in there to make it seem less harsh, but I know you’re RAGING MAD!!! AS YOU SHOULD BE!!!!

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