Glossy, glossy!



When I say the word GLOSSY, it makes me think of the word FLOSSY. Which makes me think of that Fergie song that goes, “flossy, flossy!” And THAT reminds me that Fergie had a song out that misspelled “tasty” on purpose just to make it fit the syllables; AND WE ALL JUST LET HER GET AWAY WITH IT!! I mean, I can’t spell banana without singing it in my head like Gwen Stefani. There has to be someone out there spelling tasty with an e before the y just because it’s in that Fergie song. Irresponsible, Stacy!!

I wish someone would make a song that spells out “restaurant,” because I still mangle that word so badly my spellcheck can’t even help. Spellcheck is all, “restraint?” I’m like, “No,” and then spellcheck is all, “Well, I don’t know what you’re doing then.” I always end up Googling it.

I’ve been thinking about glossy and flossy because I just signed up for GLOSSYBOX! I was getting really bored with my Birchbox, so I canceled it a couple months ago. Since then, I’ve been looking for a new subscription beauty box to take its place. I thought I had settled on another $10 a month box, but then I found GLOSSYBOX. At $21, GLOSSYBOX is twice as much, so that sucks, but the stuff inside looks really worth it! From what I can tell, they focus on luxury niche and foreign brands, which gives you the chance to try brands and products you might not otherwise find. This month’s box includes a $25 Bergdorf Goodman* gift card in addition to your products! I was all over that! But then I went online to the Bergdorf’s site to do a little pre-shopping, and found out they sell precious few things that cost $25. I don’t really care though because I’m just going to put the gift card towards a new bottle of luxury fragrance.

ahs balenciaga

(The luxury fragrance will probs be Balenciaga.)

I’m really excited to try GLOSSYBOX!! It’s supposed to ship pretty soon, and we’ll pop it open together when it shows up!

Want to try GLOSSYBOX with me? Get your own HERE.

*Speaking of Bergdorf Goodman, if you like documentaries about beautiful, sparkling, expensive things and people, check out “Scatter My Ashes At Bergdorf’s.” I really enjoyed this movie. There’s a story following the creation and construction of the Bergdorf’s Christmas windows that was especially fascinating to watch. See it if you can. It might still be on Netflix!

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Josie Maran 100 Percent Pure Argan oil

josie maran

Sephora, 1.7 oz., $48

Do people still say other people are “sprung?” Do people still get sprung? Can you be sprung on things that aren’t other people or their crotches? I’m not sure about the answer to any of these questions, so I’m going to take a big risk here when I say I am sprung on this Josie Maran Argan Oil.


That was the sound of me being sprung!! This blog is so high tech and interactive! Now, imagine you can smell lavender Febreze and chihuahua kisses…that’s right…..immerse yourself in the sounds and smells of my world.

I got a deluxe sample bottle of this Argan oil at Sephora a little over a month ago, and I am straight up obsessed. Although the bottle was small, it provided enough oil to find out that I love this product. I’ve been using it about twice a day, morning and evening, since I got it, and it has made a huge improvement  in my skin. I actually started using it in the first place because I was desperate. For the last couple months, my skin has been really off; it’s been dry, patchy, really uneven and super dull. My skin even looked yucky under my makeup! Foundation would cake up, or settle into creases. I HAD CREASES. It was bad. On top of THAT, I grew this zit on my chin that was throbbing, underground, and about the size of a pencil eraser.

Wait. Everyone knows what a pencil is, right? How old is everyone? Are pencils obsolete? Probably. Pencils were pretty obsolete 20 years ago. PENS FOREVER!!!

Are pens obsolete? Don’t care! I’ll never stop admiring my own name when written with a fancy pen.

Back to the face oil!

Like I said, since I’ve been using this oil, my skin has made a huge turnaround. It’s soft, smooth, bright, clear, and definitely younger looking. I even went out to fancy dinner and a show last week without wearing any face makeup! I just put on my oil after my shower, threw on some bronzer, and that was it. I looked like a gotdanged natural angel. This oil makes my skin, like, luminous. It works SO WELL, that I keep expecting strangers to come up to me out in public and demand to know what makeup I have on. Then, I’d be all, “I’m not wearing any makeup!” And they’ll be all, “What!? You’re so inherently beautiful! Here. Have a town car, chauffeur, and a modeling contract!” It hasn’t happened yet, but, like I said, I’ve only been using this oil for a month.

Buy Josie Maran 100 Percent Pure Argan Oil HERE.