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Face Breakdown: Saturday Night Beaver

disco braids

Thanks to the freak nasty dude I live with for coming up with, “Saturday Night Beaver.”

I’m a little obsessed with the glam and disco era of the 70s. I like glitter and dancing! I like freewheeling lifestyles! I like John Travolta! I don’t know, guys, I think I would have been really popular at Studio 54. I’m a good time!

I want to start doing photo steps of these look breakdowns, but this one is super easy, so I’m just going to run through it.

The eyes are all Urban Decay. First, I used “Gonzo” from the Electric Palette around the eye, all over the lid, and dragged it out towards my hairline. Then, on the inner corners, I used UD’s Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner in “Midnight Cowboy.” I also lightly patted some of the glitter on my temples, over the smudged out teal shadow. A matte nude shadow on the brow bone, and some mascara finishes the eye.

Lips were a fun combination of orange and gold. I used “Indie Flick,” a matte orange, by NYX Cosmetics. After that, I pressed a little bit of gold shadow into the center of my lips. I used “Half Baked” by Urban Decay.

I had so much fun with this look! I didn’t use it for anything, but Jason and Rowdy were really impressed! I mean, really, this was the hair day of my life. I wish it could look like this every day! My braiding skills still suck though, so I’ll just have to wait until the next time I can convince a friend to get her hands all up in my scalp.

I sent pictures of this look to my mom for an accuracy check, and she gave it her seal of approval. Let me tell you, she knows what she’s talking about, I’ve seen her do The Hustle.

What do you guys think? I love it! Any questions?


3 thoughts on “Face Breakdown: Saturday Night Beaver

  1. Madeleine says:

    Love this! Seriously fabulous lipstick/sparkle/are your lips magical??
    UD Gonzo is one of my favourites for super fancy looks, I had a ‘Madeleine is an 80s new romantic pirate’ kind of day a little while ago with lots of smoked-out gonzo and a splash of gold. 70s disco glam now on my to-do list, glitter and dancing included 🙂
    Your blog is wonderful!

    PS that necklace! Might I enquire as to where it came from?

    • Sarah Cosper says:

      “Madeleine is an 80s new romantic pirate” as a style direction sounds fucking great! I’ve been kicking around a similar idea for a while, but I can’t get past just wanting a thick, black stripe across my eyes like Adam Ant. You’ve inspired me to play with it! What does that look mean for you when you do it? I’m betting it’s something better than one black stripe!

      My necklace is Betsey Johnson, but it’s a few years old. There has to be another one kicking around on the internet somewhere!

      Thanks for the compliments, and the comment! I hope you keep reading! XO

  2. Madeleine says:


    This is currently my favourite picture on the internet, feat. Adam and the Ants in full pirate glory. So liner galore, winged out shadow (Adam has pink on his right eye, but I prefer blue, and symmetry) and serious contouring in a strange colour ( http://www.toyah.net/fallingtoearth/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/herbschulz12b1.jpg ), the last of which I am not game to rock during daylight hours. Maybe for a fancy dress party 🙂

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