Glowing Green Smoothie

green smoothie

This is our old kitchen AKA photographic evidence of my cool LA life.

OK. So, this isn’t for putting on your face, but what we put into our faces is important too! Pimples are caused by bacteria, but dull, dry and sallow skin can all be caused by poor diet. Put good in, and good comes out. Blah, blah, blah. You guys know all this stuff.

Look, Dr Pepper is my favorite food. I need all the help I can get.

We started making this smoothie because I saw it on TV. We KEPT making this smoothie because it made us feel so good! For a little while, I was having one of these before breakfast most mornings, and everything was running great. I was full all morning, I had more energy, and I didn’t feel so bloaty.

Green Smoothie
Courtesy of: Kimberly Snyder

And thats it! It’s green, so it tastes a little grassy, but the lemon and other fruit juices cut right through, so it’s not bad. I really like the fresh taste of it, actually. It’s pretty easy to get used to, and then, you just want it all the time! This recipe is enough to make 2 decent sized smoothies. If you don’t want to share, you can put the other half into a jar, and then have it the next morning. The prep is a little time consuming, but you could easily chop up most of this stuff in advance. If you chop your apples and pears ahead of time, just remember to add a squeeze of lemon juice over the tops to keep them from going brown. I guess in a smoothie, it doesn’t really matter, it’s just gross.

After being sick for so long, and then eating a bunch of garbage, I really feel like I need to start drinking this again. Like, you get to feel good in your body, and you get to have a smug sense of superiority over anyone who DIDN’T have a million pieces of produce before 10:00 AM. It’s totally worth it!


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