Rihanna Hearts MAC Fall Presale!

Just a little FYI…

You can go buy any pieces you want from MAC’s Fall collaboration with Rihanna right now, and pick them up tomorrow when they officially go on sale! I went down to the MAC counter at the mall this morning, and did just that. I only ordered one lipstick, since nothing else really tickled my fancy. The eyeshadow quads look great, but I have similar colors in other brands, and I just can’t justify the purchase. Oh! If you really want RiRi Woo, this might be a good way to try and get it.

I was in such a hurry to get to the MAC counter, that I didn’t pay attention to where I parked, and then when I came back out to the parking lot, I couldn’t find my car! And then I couldn’t find my keys. And then I knew for sure that I had dropped my keys walking in, and some slick car thief took my car and now my precious Corolla was being broken down for parts.

For a second there, I was a weirdo wandering aimlessly through the mall parking lot though. Some old lady even eyed me suspiciously! But then, I found my keys in a little pocket inside a little pocket in my bag, and I found my car in another part of the parking lot. So, crisis averted! Well, more crisis averted. I was already in a crisis when I thought I got our car stolen.

Go get yer RiRi on! Pay attention to where you parked!


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