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Hey! If you’re interested in freaking out, go spend your Friday over at Fuck Yeah Nostalgic Beauty Products.

I absolutely had this taped to my bedroom wall.

Still use it. There’s one on my nightstand right now.


Kept it in my backpack! Took it to school! Reapplied between classes! Gross!

This turned my scalp into a giant scab. But, I kept using it to smell like I fit in.


Isn’t it great?!?! Are you roughly my age and can smell and taste nearly EVERYTHING they post?! What’s that about?! Pretty cool/sick, right?! HAHAHAHAHAHA!! Doesn’t make me feel weird or uncomfortable or transported back to high school or anything! Hormones sure were crazy, huh?! Nope. I’m not sick to my stomach/horny at all right now! And that is definitely not how I could sum up my entire teenage experience! Hahaha! What are we talking about??

I’m going to put on some Mazzy Star and lie down. Maybe do some positive affirmations….

I am 31….I do not have algebra today….I have a permanent boyfriend….nobody really does 3-way calling anymore….


3 thoughts on “2 CRAZY 2 B 4GOTTEN

  1. JenW says:

    Oh my goodness! Awesome. I actually have a boyfriend who still wears CK one…. I once took him to sephora and said “pick out any sent uou want!” And well, Brad doesn’t like change much. The dream if the 90s is alive…

  2. JenW says:

    *scent… You… I hate typos but I was so excited about this I couldn’t wait to proof read. Arg! 😉

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