Ask Jane Marie

******KERMIT ARMS******
******KERMIT ARMS******
******KERMIT ARMS******

Jane Marie, one of my favorite personalities, beauty or otherwise, has a new beauty advice column at Rookie, and you should check it out! Jane is THA SHIT. I’ve been loving her work over at The Hairpin forever, and I was sad when she left. So, I’m super excited to see her popping up at Rookie! 

Jane is rad. I love her whole everything! Her beauty videos at The Hairpin are especially great. Seriously, you’ll fall in love with her! Her videos are what made her part of my imaginary friend crew. I watch them, and then, it’s nothing but shopping montages and imaginary hip-hop slumber parties with Jane and Mindy Kaling in my mind….

Check out Jane’s new column at Rookie HERE.

And, check out her work at The Hairpin HERE.


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