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It’s a sad fact of the beauty industry that Women of Color are largely underrepresented. Products like BB creams often come in only one or two, light, colors, foundation shades rarely adequately consider darker skin tones. And “nude” colors? Don’t even get me started. The mainstream beauty industry’s limited offerings are the reason why, for as long as I can remember, I’ve watched my beautiful Latina mama struggle to find cosmetics that suit her complexion. She is a master of return policies, because everything from skin care products to eyeshadows have been troublesome. It makes me feel terrible for her! She has fantastic taste and she deserves to have a wide range of product choices!

Enter DOOBOP!!

We are the premier beauty e-tailer dedicated to multiethnic women.
Disrupting the beauty industry one day at a time.

HELL YEAH!! That’s a revolution, baby! It gives me goosebumps. They have a wide range of  carefully curated hair, skin and beauty products for women of varying hair types and skin tones. It’s a really fabulous site! Since I first found out about it, I’ve been suggesting it all around. I want DOOBOP to stick around, I want DOOBOP to have competition, I want there to be a flood of products catering to WoC. Support and exposure are important for this mission, so I want to get the word out! I told my mom, I told friends, I’m telling everyone! You should too! Help your fellow sisters in beauty out. Be cool!

Check out DOOBOP HERE!

And for funsies, here’s a picture of us back when we were very young:

mom and sarah

Even in the 80s, my mom looked FLY. 


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