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Hello, Sarice

I got totally good at not chewing or picking at my cuticles and the skin around my nails. I thought I broke a 20something years long habit. I was all proud of myself and feeling like I could accomplish anything. Like, I beat finger skin picking, it gets better and now I’m going to EGOT.


Two of my fingers are bleeding right now, and the rest are mangled. That usually means I’m worried about something, but maybe I’m just hungry for my own delicious flavor. What the fuck? Sarah, you gross cannibal. I’m not even a fancy Hannibal Lecter type cannibal, I’m more the stick my own finger into a Ramen seasoning packet and then nibble on that type cannibal. ACK! So much sodium!

For the record, I have never eaten my own Chicken seasoned finger. I’m just saying, I wouldn’t ever braise myself or anything.

I promised myself a new full set of beautiful nails if I kicked the habit again, and I just got shipment notice on the FLOSS GLOSS Fall collection. Time to put the smelly hand lotion on the skin, and slap my own fingers away from myself again!


2 thoughts on “Hello, Sarice

  1. Erin-Kurley says:

    I’m hungry for the delicious flavor of my own face. I chew the insides of my cheeks when I’m nervous or stressed. A la carte! No fava beans, no chianti no nothing. Chomp chomp chomp…

    • Erin-Kurley says:

      Also, I’m glad I decided to take a beat and Google “fava beans”. Because I almost said “Favre beans”. Big dumb idiot!

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