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Hex Nail Jewelry Half Body Nail Shield and Side Nail Shield, $2.25 each

Let’s talk about Hex, baby! Let’s talk about these and me! Let’s talk about all the good things and the bad things that will be…

I bought these nail shields the second they were available. I’d been keeping a lookout for them to go on sale because I was not going to miss having this FABULOUS hardware on my nails. I placed my order, got super excited, and waited for them to show up in the mail.

hex nail jewelry nail shields

Hex Nail Shields over Floss Gloss’ Dinge

Whoops! I forgot to take more pictures, and so now you guys get to see a little peek into my living room. There’s my couch, and one of my pillows, and part of my lamp. Pretty boring stuff, right? What you can’t see, out of frame, that’s where all the magic is happening. I can’t tell you what’s going on outside these pictures, that’s classified.

When they came in, honestly, I was a little bit concerned. Some of the plating on one of them was sort of cracked and funny, and there appeared to be some discrepancies in the size and thickness of the charms. But, I forged ahead anyways because I am impatient. I took them with me to a nail appointment to have my manicurist apply them, and we ran into more problems! It was hard to get the charms to match up to the curves of my nails, the edges were hard to glue down flush to the nail surface, and, they were sort of big for my nails. If you have acrylics, or whatever, you might have an easier time with these. Even with my nails pretty grown out, I had a little bit of overhang. Again, I forged ahead.

See? I make dumb mistakes so you don’t have to.

When we finally got them all settled on my nails. I was IN LUST. I mean, look at them. They look so fucking cool. Outstandingly cool. Your hands look beautifully adorned with just flat out absolute coolness. This is where my big conflict with these charms comes in. My experience with them was they didn’t wear as well as the previous Hex charms I’d used, but they look so amazing, I can’t totally be mad about it.

I got my nails done on a Friday afternoon, by Sunday, I’d lost all four of my nail shields. Not lost forever, but they’d all popped off at some point over the weekend. I lost one in the car later that day while I was delicately scratching my head, I lost two of them in the shower, and another one just popped off. I was re-gluing them all weekend. I had to at least get them through until Sunday night, because we had a very busy social calendar in LA that weekend, and there was no way I was going out with my nails covered in dried glue remnants. Also, there was no way I was going out without being able to get all the compliments that would for sure come my way once people saw how amazing my nails looked. So, I fixed them as best I could, and went out. I was right about the compliments, btw. Because, like I said, THEY LOOK AWESOME.

AUUUUGHHHH!!!! It makes me so mad when things like this don’t work how I want them to work. I wanted them to be easy peasy like the other charms, but they just weren’t. I kept catching them in my hair, it was so annoying to glue them back on a bunch of times, I put a top coat over one to try to seal an edge, and my nail turned greenish grey, also, I almost threw up when I had to pick them out of the hotel shower drain. What else was I going to do?! Leave them?! No way! I have determination, dammit.

Ultimately, I have mixed feelings about these charms. Hex does really, really cool stuff, and I’m willing to give these charms the benefit of the doubt that they were kind of funny because they were the first run. I try really hard not to be super picky, because I know I’m super picky and that’s annoying, but I also know I have a bad habit of keeping my mouth shut when I should speak up. I really have no doubt that if I’d contacted Hex about the cracked plating on one of my charms, they would have sent another one. They’ve been super cool with any other questions I’ve had about their products, and as best I can tell, they’re really into keeping their customers happy. So, it’s kind of my fault for going ahead with them anyways even though I had my concerns. I still have all my charms, and I do plan on wearing them again. Now I just know that I shouldn’t plan to have them on for a long period of time, but, if I want to wear them out for a night, they’ll be totally fine.

Both of these nail shield styles are sold out right now, and I wonder if anyone else had the problems I did. Maybe I was a fluke? Maybe my nails are too little. Maybe I’m hesitant to assign any blame here because, sometimes, these things just happen.

I still love all my Hex charms so much, and when they come out with the next set of nail shields, I’ll buy them because I am ever optimistic, and also stubborn. I can’t give my whole hearted recommendation on these because of all the frustration I encountered, but, if you love the look of them, definitely pull the trigger on buying them. Just be aware that you might not get a real long wear, and you will probably definitely get some hair caught under one of the edges. But, like so many beauty products, they’re potentially worth the trouble for the look. Do you SEE those pictures? How great do they look?! And on that dirty pink color?! UGH! GORGEOUS.

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