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Sephora Friends & Family 2013 Sale

Lace up dem shopping shoes, babies! The Sephora Friends & Family Sale is coming soon!

If you know a Sephora employee, you can get an early coupon code now. But, for the rest of us, BI and VIB cardholders will be able to access the sale sometime in November. There isn’t an exact date available yet, so keep your eyes on your email! And if you haven’t signed up for Sephora’s Beauty Insider card, I don’t know what you’re doing with your life. It’s the rare store loyalty card that really pays off, and considering it doesn’t cost you anything to sign up for it, you’re really coming out on top! That’s a return of, like, a million percent on your investment of $0. Look at you, business lady! Buy! Sell! Graphs! Changing out of your sneakers into your heels at the office! Shoulder pads! Working hard for the money!

Get your lists together now. I’m working on mine! Don’t get in my way though while I’m shopping with a coupon code. I might be in a frenzy and I can’t be held responsible for the actions of my teeth or fists. I suggest going into this sale with a solid list, your hair in a ponytail, and your earrings off. That way if you have to smack someone over some Marc Jacobs lipstick, you’re all ready for it.

Besides the (hopefully) 20% off F&F discount, it’s almost time for the holiday appreciation gift cards to start showing up in the mail. I LOVE those. $15, $20 off! You can’t beat it! Get yourself signed up for the BI card, watch your email, watch your mailbox, then gets to shopping! By the time the sale starts, all the holiday sets and products will be out, so you can pick up some great stuff! I’M SO EXCITED!!