Manic Monday

That’s maybe the most cliched title for a Monday morning post, but I’m still finishing my coffee. Plus, the only other option I could think of was, “Morning Wood,” and that doesn’t even make sense. Unless you have a boner, maybe? If you have a boner right this second, I’m sorry I didn’t use that title instead. That would have been funny for us!

Did everyone have a good weekend? Did you all go out and look so fucking hot?

I bet you did. You sexy beasts.

I spent most of the weekend wrapped in ugly double carpal tunnel braces. I’m more machine than man! I’m a monster! Someone should make a wrist brace that’s easy to text in, and doesn’t look like shit. I’d buy two!

Enough of that! Am I running an orthopedic brace blog? What am I doing? Shut up, Sarah!

Here’s a look at some other stuff I’m doing this week:



I have an eyeshadow review coming up in just a bit, and we’ll kick off the giveaway today too. I’m so excited!! I might let my lab assistant pick the numbers out of a hat. She doesn’t have thumbs, but she makes up for it in personality.


We have bare faces in this photo, but we are not ashamed!


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