TGIF, Upcoming


It’s Friday night and the MOOD IS RIGHT, Y’AAAALL!

I wanted to find the clip from Full House where D.J. wins a radio contest and everyone goes to see the Beach Boys, but I watched this instead:

Jesse Cochrane-Katsopolis is BEST FRIENDS FOREVER with the Beach Boys. Seems to me like maybe they shouldn’t have had to win tickets to go to their show? Did Uncle Jesse put a bunch of hot babes on the list instead of his family?

I got way distracted by that video!

I was originally looking for that D.J. clip to let you guys know I got some prizes for my first product giveaway! We’re going to kick that off on Monday. I’m so excited!!

Thanks for reading this week!

Sarah xx


One thought on “TGIF

  1. Samantha smith says:

    Oh yes forever ! “I’d be so happy loving you !” I will never forget this .It was a huge deal when it premiered on TGIF.

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