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Marc Jacobs Beautymarc Lip Gel Lipstick in Role Play Pics & Review

marc jacobs role play

Sephora, $30

I’m about to wax reeeeeal rhapsodic about some lipstick, y’all. So, get ready!

When the Marc Jacobs Beauty line was launched, it was dizzying. Everything was so beautiful, and it all looked so sumptuous…it was impossible to figure out where to start! So, I put it off forever. But, when the Sephora F&F sale came around, it was time to make it happen.

I chose Role Play because I hardly ever buy neutral or nude colors, and I wanted to see if this lipstick was really worth the hype. Like, if this lipstick was SO AMAZING I’d even love it in a “cubicle” color, it was really some lipstick.

You guys. It is SO AMAZING.

This is the most luxurious lipstick I have used in, like, I don’t know, ever. It glides on so beautifully, without any tugging or friction. It feels cushiony and buttery on my lips. It’s a pleasure to wear. That sounds so stupid, but it’s true. It wears for hours without any feathering, it applies opaque with one application, and it feels hydrating. The tube is heavy and weighted nicely, with a sleek magnetic cap. Everything about this lipstick is extremely satisfying; the way it feels in your hand, on your lips, the delicious click the cap makes when the magnets connect, the way it looks! It’s an A+ product, no doubt.

Role Play is a mid toned dusty rose. It’s a really gorgeous color that goes well with a lot of looks. I’ve worn it with a smoky colored eye and a sort of bronze colored eye with equally awesome results.

marc jacobs role play1

marc jacobs role play2

Hope you like seeing my face!! Cuz there it is!!

Buy yourself one of these lipsticks. They’re completely fabulous, and totally beautiful. I’m fully endorsing a $30 lipstick. My lipsticks don’t usually cost that much, but I’ll be more than happy to buy another one of these. I’m gonna get something BRIGHT next time!

Buy Marc Jacobs Beautymarc Lip Gel Lipstick in Role Play HERE.


7 thoughts on “Marc Jacobs Beautymarc Lip Gel Lipstick in Role Play Pics & Review

  1. Lauren says:

    I have been lurking for a while, but I just wanted to say that I am a big fan! We have very similar coloring and I love seeing how the products would look. I’m so envious of your ability to wear lipstick- my lips NEVER look that good!

    I also really share your love of butter..

    • Sarah Cosper says:

      Haaayyyy Lauren! Do you think we should make a line of lip products that are actually just tinted butter in a tube? I’m into it and I think it’s the best idea I’ve ever had. We would be beautiful and delicious!

      I’m glad you stepped out of the lurker shadows and said something. It’s so awesome to hear from you! Also, I bet your lipstick looks great! My ability to wear lipstick is nothing more than confidence and a steady hand. What don’t you like about your lipsticked lips? I’m curious!

      Thanks for reading!

      • Lauren says:

        That is brilliant! I would totally buy/eat it. I get to eat a lot of butter on my diet (even in my coffee) and it makes me way too happy haha!

        As for the lipstick, I really don’t know! I do exfoliate my lips and they aren’t chapped. They just seem to have a lot of natural ridges that are exaggerated with lipstick. It just doesn’t look smooth. I do better with a thicker gloss, Sephoras own line is one of my favorites. I have been thinking about trying a lip primer, any thoughts?

        • Sarah Cosper says:

          Coffee butter?! What do you mean?! I need answers!

          I use a lip primer sometimes! That might be a good bet for you. I get a lot of ridges, too. Recently, I stopped over moisturizing, and my lips have evened out. I was a nonstop chapstick applier, but I’ve been using it a lot more sparingly. I don’t know if that’s something you do too, but if it is, it might not be helping. I’ve really tried to cut back to using it just before bed, and maybe once during the day. My lips are doing their thing now, I think. Cell turnover is happening the way it’s supposed to, and not artificially because I’m forcing it. It was weird for the first few days, but my lips are undoubtedly smoother now. I don’t gnaw on them as much, either. I hope all this helps!

          • Lauren says:

            I eat a ketogenic diet. After years of not being very successful on weight watchers, I made a switch about a year ago and am much happier and skinnier. “Bulletproof” coffee is a staple which has butter and heavy cream in it (and sugar free vanilla syrup). I get to eat lots of bacon and cheese too. It’s freaking amazing.

            Anyway, you may be on to something with the over- moisturizing. I’ll have to work on my Chapstick habit :/ I was at target and grabbed the ELF lip exfoliater and primer to try too. Cheapie but I figured they are a good place to start.

          • Sarah Cosper says:

            I looked up the butter coffee, and I am very intrigued! I don’t know if it would be for me all the time, but I can’t really imagine what it tastes like, so I’d be interested in trying it. What a crazy new thing to learn about today! Do you like it? Is it delicious or do you have to get used to it?

          • Lauren says:

            Lol you learn something new every day! It’s pretty delicious. I was weirded out at first, but once I tried it, I was hooked. Butter is not very different from cream, and the slight saltiness really evens out any bitter coffee taste. It’s very rich and tastes like the best latte you ever had!

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