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Melt’s Dark Room Returns!

melt dark room

Back in November, Melt Cosmetics released their newest shade, a juicy, plummy color named Dark Room. When the site went live with the product drop, it was a madhouse. Luckily, having survived the great Missoni for Target Frenzy of 2011, I was prepared. When the dust settled and the lipsticks were sold out, I had my tube, and all was right in my world. Kind of dumb to not buy two, but, I was really in the zone and I had my eyes on the prize.

If you missed the chance to jump on this color in November, it’s coming back in stock, and it’s going to be permanent.

Melt Dark Room collage

Miss you, nails.

Melt described this lipstick color as the inside of a beet, and that’s pretty accurate. It’s a really rich, sumptuous shade. I liked it best with multiple layers blotted down. It’s matte, and it wears really well. I did a friend’s makeup for her wedding, and we used it to give her a dramatic lip for the reception.

Melt Dark Room pics

The babely bride and yours truly, wearing Dark Room. 

Dark Room will be back in stock on February 4th, so if you want it, get your credit card all cleaned, sharpened, and ready to go. From what I can tell, when Melt restocks, the supply doesn’t last long. Get out there and chase that lipstick! Have you ever experienced the rush of successfully snagging your coveted product during one of these madhouse cosmetics releases? It’s a very triumphant feeling. AND, 7-10 days later, there’s lipstick at your door! BONUS.

Buy Dark Room by Melt Cosmetics HERE!

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MAC Heroine Lipstick

MAC Heroine

Dat liner doe.

I’m a sucker for a purple lip.

Purple eyeshadow, too. I’m a sucker for purple eyeshadow.

PURPLE NAILS! Don’t even get me started!!

Long story short; I guess purple is my favorite color.

Well…and black. Is leopard a color? No, that’s silly! Leopard is a neutral!

“Leopard is a neutral,” has been my life motto since I was 16. I figured it out, and never looked back.


latrice gif


The look above mixes up a purple lip with a leopard top, so I was pretty into it.  The lip is MAC’s Heroine, a vibrant, red-based purple. This color was a cult hit that MAC brought back, and made a part of their permanent collection. That’s good news because I could really see myself finishing this tube of lipstick. I mean, as soon as it came home, I made it a part of MY permanent collection (the zipper pouch inside my purse).

Heroine has a satin finish, and it wears down to a bright matte that has a lot of staying power. I really appreciate that in a lip color. I love to do my makeup, but, I really hate having to constantly reapply my lip. I’m a modern woman! I don’t have time for that kind of nonsense. I don’t have time, and, also, I forget. And, also, pizza.

Oh, man. Pizza sounds so good right now. What time is it? 9:15?!?! Pizza isn’t even open yet. That’s ok. Everyone knows the sweetest pizza is the one you have to wait for.

This lip color goes with all my favorite faces; neutral eye/bold lip, bold eye/bold lip, glasses/bold lip.

MAC Heroine x glasses

Glasses/bold lip goes ANYWHERE, with EVERYTHING. I love it! If you wear glasses, and you want some compliments, do it. People fucking love it. If you don’t have glasses, I feel bad for you, you’re obviously a dum-dum. Everyone knows glasses make you super smart. Glasses are also the best way to hide your true beauty. When you take them off, everyone is super impressed by how good looking and popular you are! WOWZA.

This post, you guys, it’s not so good. I’m sorry. I accidentally took a summer vacation, now I’m super rusty!



That Rusty might be my favorite. I love the Anthony Michael Hall Rusty, but, this Rusty is hysterical to me. Those Rustys are tied for first? Second place is Nick Papagiorgio Rusty. David from Roseanne Rusty is neither here nor there for me.

Buy Heroine by MAC HERE or in stores.

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Lime Crime Velvetine in Pink Velvet

pink velvet + quay

Pink Velvet, Lime Crime, $20, Penelopy, Quay Australia, $39.95

I got a shopping email this morning about bathing suits. This was very stressful for me because it is February, and I was under the assumption that I had at least four more months to lose a million pounds and find totally new thighs before I had to think about swimming attire. What does this mean for swimsuit options in June? And why did I eat all that bread this afternoon?  What will become of the rest of the bread?


So, ok. I’m not ready for a swimsuit yet. I’m ready to think about other summer related things though! Hence the sunglasses. I was just going to lie and say that I was doing a post about makeup and I decided to throw the sunglasses on for fun. Actually, I just wanted to take pictures of my sunglasses. I’ll come clean. This is a safe space, right? I really like to look at myself when I’m wearing these sunglasses, so I paired them with something else I obsess about in the mirror; my Velvetine liquid lipstick from Lime Crime in Pink Velvet.

Lime Crime Pink Velvet Tube

Lime Crime Pink Velvet swatch

This lip product is so rad! It goes on almost like a gloss, but it dries like a stain. I guess you can sort of compare it to how the OCC Lip Tars work, but Pink Velvet isn’t as gooey. It starts out a thin, glossy liquid, but it’s fully opaque in two coats and it dries totally matte.

pink velvet lips

Pink Velvet dries quickly, and once it does, it feels almost nonexistent on the lips. Similar liquid lip products can make your lips feel sticky or all scratchy. This just doesn’t really feel like anything. That’s not to say it’s moisturizing in any way, it’s not. But, it doesn’t make your lips all dry and flaky. Besides being totally sexy, the matte finish is also SUPER long wearing. It will last through pretty much anything! I’ve even had a difficult time trying to remove it on purpose. So, maybe don’t just rub at it forever with toilet paper, you’ll stain the area around your mouth pink and you’ll definitely get toilet paper lint on your tongue. Take it from me, a little vaseline or some oil will take it right off. I use my Badger Damascus Rose Oil to remove it. The oil cleans off my lipstick and it adds some hydration to my lips. It’s a pretty good system, if I do say so myself.

I really love this product. I want the red Velvetine and I am definitely eyeing some of the upcoming colors. I love a lip color that takes care of itself! Looks hot AND, once it’s on, I don’t have to think about it! MAMA LIKE. I am going to plan lots of summer bbq outfits around this Pink Velvet/polka dot sunglasses combo. I am going to eat up all the potato salad and drink all the beer and my lipstick will still look beautiful.


If I’m going to eat all the potato salad and drink all the beer, I’m never going to find a swimsuit I like…


Buy Lime Crime Velvetine in Pink Velvet HERE.

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Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick Spectacular

It’s an extravaganza!!!!!

UD black friday boxes

Urban Decay Revolution Lipsticks, $22 each

You guys remember back on Black Friday when Urban Decay had that amazing lipstick bundle? Six of their fabulous new Revolution Lipsticks for $50? Remember that? Remember how there was a very limited supply, but due to my vast internet shopping experience, fast fingers, and the blinding power of my exposed nipples, I was able to grab one? 


Well, my lipsticks came in and I just hoarded them. They’ve been sitting on my desk all this time, waiting to be photographed and swatched. Getting more and more irrelevant by the second. While some people were yelling at Urban Decay on Facebook about there not being enough lipstick bundles for everyone, mine were unopened. It’s almost enough to make me feel like an asshole. ALMOST. But, I don’t! Those are MY lipsticks, MINE! I’ll preserve them forever if I feel like it!

Am I arguing with someone? This post has become very combative. Sorry!!

The point is, I did not feel like preserving them forever. I felt like wearing them! Let’s look at them!


UD Native

Native is a warm, baby pink. It’s a lighter pink than I would usually try, but I was into it! It’s opaque, but the very light color made it easier to see lines when I pressed my lips together. It’s a pretty sexy color that would work great with a 60s inspired look. AKA my very favorite kind.


UD Naked

Naked was my favorite of the nude colors. It’s a warm, rosy pink, and it’s a total My Lips But Better lipstick. It has great opaque coverage, and didn’t show lines like Native did. I did actually open this one prior to yesterday, and I always love it.


UD protest

Protest is another color I might not have picked on my own. But, Urban Decay knew better than I did. It’s a nude-brown color with a sort of peachiness to it. Honestly, at first I sort of shrugged at the color, but the more I looked at it, the more I liked it. It sort of reminds me of the lipsticks I was wearing in the 90s, but better.


UD jilted

Jilted is an old favorite of mine! I’ve been wearing this color for YEARS, and I love, love, love it in the new formula. It’s an iridescent blue based fuchsia, so of course I love it!! In fact, Jilted might be the color that turned me on to blue based fuchsias in the first place. It’s a really special color because the blue is really prominent, and it looks cool as hell.


UD catfight

Catfight is another fuchsia, but it’s more pink than blue, and it has a red undertone to it. Some people would probably call it red, other people would maybe call it dark hot pink. I think everyone would call it dead sexy. The new UD formula really performs well with their reds, and Catfight is no exception. It’s a super fun color that would look great on a lot of people!

F Bomb

UD f bomb

F Bomb is described as a classic red, but I think it’s a little orangey. For me, this color was the standout of the bundle. I was in love the second I put it on! Again, their formula is a perfect match for these reds. The color payoff is fantastic, the finish is smooth and creamy and the coverage is amazing. I’ve been all about MAC’s reds for a long time, but F Bomb is going into the rotation. This is another red that would look good on a lot of people. It’s cool, but it’s almost warm and I think it’s very wearable. It’s even fantastic blotted down.

UD Black Friday bundle swatches

Urban Decay stepped up their game, did a lot of work on their lipsticks, and they’re a really beautiful, luxurious product now. The sugary fragrance is gone, and the obtrusive dagger handle is gone, but the bold colors we love are there. I adore these lipsticks, and I think they’re really worth the money. The new tube is sleek and easy to store, and the formula is moisturizing and long wearing, with the nudes averaging 3-4 hours, and the reds and pinks going as long as 6 hours.  I put every single one of these lipsticks into my “regular rotation” makeup bag because they are fabulous and basically perfect.

What do you guys think? Is there a UD color you’re dying to try? I really want the super dark ones, but I haven’t picked them up yet.

Buy Urban Decay’s Revolution Lipstick at Urban Decay, Sephora and Ulta.

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How To: Lips with Dimension

Everyone has their favorite facial feature, and mine are definitely my lips. I like to look at them, I like to call attention to them, I love to play them up. It’s no secret that I buy A LOT of lipstick. And I won’t stop, cuz I can’t stop. ::Puffy Dance::

chapelle dance

Because I am obsessed with my own mouth, when I paint it, I paint it with love. I also paint it with focus because I am always teetering close to the edge of crazy mouth. I gots all my tricks down, and I want to share them with you today. First, let’s take a look at my bare mouth.

bare mouth

Not bad, not bad. A little chewed, but nothing gross. Hydrated, exfoliated, I tweezed my mustache and got my one old lady chin hair. So, this is pretty much best case scenario. What I want to do is bring up the perimeters of my lips, shade where I want depth, and highlight where I want light. Although these steps can be used with pretty much any color, I’m going to demonstrate with a nude lip. Nude lips usually need the extra dimension anyways, so it works out.

Here’s what I’m using:

lip tools

Chapstick Hydration Lock – Prime and lightly moisturize.
MAC Prep + Prime Highlighter in Radiant Rose – Um. To highlight.
Cover Girl Perfect Blend Pencil in Mink – Shading, lining and contouring.
MAC Matte Lipstick in Honey Love – Very nude, cream matte lipstick. I used this color to do a 60s inspired look for my wedding.
Marc Jacobs Lovemarc Lip Gel in Role Play – A creamy rosy nude with a glossy finish.

OK. First, I lightly apply my Chapstick. I don’t want to use too much, because it can make everything tricky. So, I use just enough to make sure my lips are smooth. Then, I line around my lips with the brown liner.

brown liner

Do you see how things are already happening?! It’s so exciting! This liner is a pretty cool brown color, and it’s going to make the edges of my mouth recede, so my lips themselves really stand out in the center. Then, with the spongy thing on the other end of the pencil, I blend the line so it isn’t harsh and obvious.

Next, I use my Prep + Prime pen to highlight the area above my lip. You know, above your cupid’s bow, where that little divot is? There! Like, so:

lip highlight

The highlighter above your lip like that will give your top lip that little bit of upwards flare that really gives you a good, pillowy mouth. Blend that highlight color, and, if you like, set it with a little translucent powder. This is also where I add a little color to that mole next to my lip and set that with powder too. When I remember.

And now we’re ready for lipstick!!!! First, I’ll show you the glossier, Marc Jacobs color.

lips role play

Pretty good, right?! The line around the corner edges of my bottom lip looks darker on me than it might on you because, as you can see in the very first picture, the edges of my lips are naturally darker. This color works great with this whole technique because the shine in the lipstick really makes lips pop. I love it. This lipstick has become one of my go-to colors.

Now, we’ll see how it looks with MAC’s matte Honey Love.

lips honey love

Faaaaaaaabulous!! I added a little bit of pink-gold gloss in the very center of my lips to add some more depth to the flat color. If you want a truly matte, 60s mouth, skip this part. Like I said, I like to play up my lips, so I usually add a little dab.  I used NARS lip gloss in Super Orgasm. I forgot to take a picture of it. My bad! It’s not super crucial for you to see it, so it’s cool.

I think adding shading around the mouth isn’t something most people think to do, but it makes a difference. I didn’t think to do it for a long time! I mean, I didn’t invent any of these tricks, they’re just things I’ve picked up over the years, put all together, and turned into my system for lips. I hope this has been helpful to somebody! Air kisses!

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Impulse Cosmetics Opaque Matte Lipstick in Smoking Gun

blue lipstick

I look incredible. 

This lipstick has been kicking around my desk since before Christmas. I loved it right away, but it took me a minute to figure out what I was doing. This is my third attempt at a look for this color, and I finally did something I can show off! My first attempt got a lot of “corpse” centered feedback, so that was no good. For my second stab at it, I tried really hard to warm up my complexion, and I, um, overdid it. So that was no good either. But this…this makes me happy. I don’t look dead, and I don’t look like Tan Mom. If that’s not a success, I don’t know what is! Also, I did a hairdo. I am terrible at hairdos. Maybe it’s my lack of upper body strength, or my lack of patience, or maybe hairdos are just my beauty blind spot. I don’t know. But, look! I did one! So, yeah, I’d say things are going pretty great. I’m going to kick 2013 right in the butthole!

I bought this lipstick from Impulse Cosmetics on Etsy. Etsy can be hit or miss, I know this, but it worked out for me this time! The lipstick is moisturizing, and extremely pigmented with a mostly matte finish. It goes on fully opaque right away and wears great! I loved it. I really, really did. My one and only complaint was with the packaging. It comes in a lip balm like tube, which is fine, but I really struggle with a flat application area on lipstick. Without an angled tip or a brush, I always end up making my top lip all weird. Then I try to even it out, then I have to even that out, and so it goes on until my lips are a mess.

impulse cosmetics smoking gun

So, that’s not ideal, but it’s totally workable. No big deal! I’ll tell you what IS a BIG DEAL: THE PRICE. These lipsticks are only $6.99! Get it?! A BIG DEAL! My jokes have lots of layers, you guys. Jokes on jokes on jokes.

This particular color, Smoking Gun, isn’t available. But, the colors that are up right now are FABULOUS. There are about six colors on that page that are beckoning to me. “Sarah… don’t have a color like me! Buy me! Buy me! BUY ALL OF US!!” And I’m like, “You’re the lipstick!” Then, I add them all to my cart.

Eyes: Urban Decay’s Diamond Dog and Snowflake from bareMinerals, and They’re Real mascara by Benefit
Face: MAC Sheertone Blush in Peaches, Kevyn Aucoin’s The Celestial Powder in Candlelight
Brows: Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Powder Duo in Brunette/Dark Brown
Lips: Smoking Gun by Impulse Cosmetics

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OCC Black Dahlia Look Breakdown

occ lip tar set black dahlia

Witch-ay Woman

A commenter asked about the other makeup I’m wearing in this photo from my review of the OCC Lip Tar All-Star Mini set. I was like, duh, I should probably start including that information along with my photos. I guess I probably never thought about it because I am the worst and I like to keep all my secrets to myself. Like, if you gush about my sunglasses and ask where I got them, I’ll tell you–but, inside, I really don’t want to. I know. That’s terrible. And it’s not even the grossest thing about me. Don’t worry, I get karma back on it. A couple months ago, I asked a lady at the farmers market where she got her sunglasses, and she was all, “I don’t remember.” And I was like, “Girl. Yeah, right.” It’s like Justin Timberlake says, “What goes around, goes around, goes around, comes all the way back around.”

So, the makeup in this picture!

Eyes – It looks like I used three shadows for this look. From the original Urban Decay Naked palette, I used “Virgin” for the brow bone and “Half Baked” for the inner eye corners. The bulk of the shadow, the wine color, is from a very old TIGI Cosmetics palette. I tried to find it, and unfortunately, it doesn’t look like they make it anymore. I swear this is not me just trying not to tell. I bough the palette when I was in beauty school a million years ago, and I probably shouldn’t even be using it anymore. The color was just called, “Wine,” and it’s not very hard to dupe; any wine color that leans more towards a plum will do the trick. I used a white pencil liner from the Sephora collection on my lower waterline, and UD’s black pencil liner on my bottom lash line and upper waterline. The mascara is Benefit’s They’re Real.

Eyebrows – Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Powder Duo in “Brunette/Dark Brown” is my go to brow product. I use a light mixture of the two colors on a thin angled brush.

Blush – “Peaches” Sheertone Blush by MAC.

Lips – OCC Lip Tar in “Black Dahlia”

There you have it! I guess I really don’t mind telling about makeup and beauty stuff. I mean, if I did, I probably wouldn’t have started a beauty blog. So, the good news is, my shadiness only extends to accessories! The bad news is, I will never ever start a sunglasses and bracelets blog.

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Urban Decay Spring 2014 Lipgloss

The UD Spring 2014 line started hitting the internet this morning, and it’s pretty tame. I guess that’s ok. I just don’t get all crazy about sheer finishing powders. Don’t get me wrong! I love finding a beautiful new face product, but it’s less impactful in preview photos. Show me an orange lipstick or a hot pink blush, and then you’ve really got me excited!

I was hopeful when I saw there was lipgloss, but they’re all so sheer, and so similar, they all look alike on the lip. They’re pretty, but all the pictures I’ve seen this morning, had me like, “Oh. That’s nice.” I *am* interested in what the formula feels like, and it’s always good to have a nice nude gloss in your bag, so I might eventually grab one. But, I’m not in a big hurry. We’ll see. I didn’t think I was in a big hurry to get the Naked3 palette, but I still scooped it up the second it was available.

Check out Temptalia’s round up HERE.

The Muse’s swatches are HERE.

These aren’t actually available to buy until tomorrow. As much as I wish for it, I don’t get preview PR product. Probably because there are a million beauty blogs and I’ve only been doing this one since last May. And also probably because I only got out of bed long enough this morning to drink a Starbucks, and then I went back to bed until 12:30. NO KIDS, NO JOB, NOWHERE TO BE. ZZZZZZZZZ….

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Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Color in Deepest Cherry Review and Pics

maybelline deepest cherry

Target, $4.99

Is it tacky that I shot this photo after I had already used the lipstick? I took another one before I tried it, but it didn’t come out like I was hoping, so I went for round two. Just pretend this is totally new and you can’t tell the angle I apply my lipstick.

Shhhh….just pretend…shhh…..there you go….mama’s got you….

I have been ON these Maybelline lipsticks for the last six months, or so. They’re so cheap, and shockingly luxe! The coverage is always great, and they’re so moisturizing and creamy, they’re totally comfortable to wear. I’ve never been so impressed by a drugstore brand. Great work, Maybelline! Keep it up!

I grabbed Darkest Cherry because I wanted a burgundy sort of color that was less intense than my OCC Lip Tar. My Lip Tar is great, but they’re not therapeutic in any way, and sometimes, I just don’t feel up to fussing with that little brush. Just let me slap it on!!

maybelline deepest cherry swatch

Deepest Cherry is a perfectly vampy, oxblood color. It doesn’t really skew purple or pink, it’s a pretty solid reddish brown; it’s lovely for Fall/Winter. It gives me so many 90s feelings though! I’m not saying I have to fight the urge to use a brown liner with this, but I’ve thought about it.

maybelline deepest cherry face

Jason on my hair like this: “It looks like Helena Bonham Carter!”

This color is so gorgeous, right?! It’s dark but not so dark you look like you fell out of The Craft. Like I said, the formula is amazing. A lot of colors in this family can apply patchy and uneven, but this one is a dream. It slides right on without any tugging or skipping, and it doesn’t leave any lines when you press your lips together.

maybelline deepest cherry lips


The wear time is pretty average, a few hours without eating or drinking, but, that’s a fair trade when you get so much hydration. I love how my lips feel when I wear these lipsticks. They’re really great, and I can’t stop buying them!! THANK GOD they’re so cheap, or I’d be in some real trouble. Maybelline is coming out with a range of nude colors in this line, and I can’t wait to get my hands on them!

As a special bonus, here’s a better picture of my bee pins:

bee pins

I figured you’d want to see! They’re so cute, I can’t stand it!! They were a birthday gift from a good friend who was genius enough to scope out my Pinterest page for ideas. Whenever I think my hair needs a little something extra, I just pop in my bee pins, sit back, and let the compliments roll in.

Buy Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Color in Deepest Cherry at Ulta, Target,, and I don’t know, anywhere you buy tampons, probably.