Monday Mini


My lovely and talented friend, Jennifer Williams, came by yesterday and set up an awesome little photo corner in my house! I can finally take pictures of my makeup that don’t turn out yellow, and I can stop relying on posts about stuff I don’t need to swatch. She helped me out at just the right time, man, I was starting to run out of ideas! Writing a beauty blog without photos of eyeshadow and stuff is not going to win me more BEST INTERNET awards.

This week, I’m going to finally show you guys that OCC Lip Tar I’ve been teasing forever, and I got some rad nail wraps that I can’t wait to run. Oh, I also got these SUPER DOPE polishes that I love so much they make me feel dizzy. Like, I look at them, and get overwhelmed with how cool they are.

I have to keep reminding myself this is not solely a nail blog, but what can I say? I love nail stuff! Just last week, I bought a giant tub to finally consolidate all my polishes together. I almost filled up the whole thing, and the only place the tub fits is under my bed. I’m obsessed! I love to stare at my own hands and make unnecessary gestures so everyone can see my cool nails. It was really bad when I first got my engagement ring. I was flinging my hands all over the place, and voguing in the mirror nonstop.

Speaking of Vogue, here’s this fantastic video of 23 years of “Vogue.” It’s so great. When Madonna is good, she’s amazing. “Vogue” is my very favorite Madonna song, I will always love it forever.

That’s all I have for today! But, I’ve given you the gift of Madonna, and you shouldn’t need anything else. Don’t be greedy!



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