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Rad Hair Day

When it comes to our tech and electronic stuff, Jason’s the boss, when it comes to our hair, skin and faces, I’m the final word.

It works out pretty good for everyone. I have this beautiful site, and I don’t miss tv shows; Jason sometimes uses lotion on his face that I picked out, and I make him get haircuts. I guess. I guess that’s the trade.

I’ve got Jason on the no-poo train too, but his system is a little different than mine. I thought I’d tell you guys about it since some of you are dudes, and some of you have dudes.

Jason has super thick, really wavy (maybe even curly) hair, I have super thick hair. There’s no way our baby doesn’t come out on full Crystal Gayle status. I made us a baby, just to check, but the baby morpher didn’t have an option for “hairiness.”


Precious baby, Xenadrine, got her mom’s lazy eye and her dad’s 5 o’clock shadow.

Jason basically has the worst druff I’ve ever seen on an actual person, up close. I don’t know if the bad dandruff is something he had to adopt, back in the day, to get into a D&D guild or something, but it’s a problem now.  I mean, he would NEVER survive in Gattaca.

So, after doing more research, I’ve got him washing his hair with Dr Bronner’s Tea Tree Oil Castile Soap, and then using the same vinegar rinse I am. Both the tea tree oil and the apple cider vinegar are supposed to help with dandruff, and the castile soap is a much gentler cleanser than any dandruff shampoo he was using before. I think the castile soap still technically falls under the no-poo banner, since it doesn’t have the surfactants and chemicals we’re trying to avoid.

After a couple washes, he’s definitely got less dandruff and shedding, so this is already a success. Plus, the vinegar is making his hair look really shiny (I especially noticed that on his sexy, sparkling grays), and his curls are much better looking, and not all fluffy. I think this is a keeper for him.

I promise this will be the last no-poo or co-wash post for a little bit. I know it’s been a lot lately! I’m just like, super into doing beauty experiments, so I get excited. I get even more excited when they work! I’ll update you guys on how things are going next week, and we’ll see if I’ve gone back to regular shampoo by then.

Oh. I also made a baby for me and my very first true love, Edward Furlong. I had to use a mugshot because it was the only photo I could find where he was looking directly at the camera.


Look at our lil Mexican baby! I’m gonna pierce her ears!

I wonder if he got my letter all those years ago? My chances are probably better now! I’m going to write him another one and say, “Look. Neither one of us looks as good as they did at 14. What’s up?”


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