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Too Funky

I mentioned this video was my origin story in a previous post, and it’s THE TRUTH. When the light hits Linda at the beginning, and she throws her head back on that looong neck, I was born. When Emma comes out in that Thierry Mugler motorcycle corset, I died. And when Julie Newmar hits the runway, I was brought back to life.

My insides are going all shimmering wobbly just thinking about it, and I literally just watched the video half an hour ago.

Glamour and camp all rolled into one amazing package, I was mesmerized every time. I’m STILL mesmerized every time. I didn’t realize it then, but the video infected 11 year old me with a love of fashion, beauty and impossibly long necks forever. There was no way I was ever going to be a 90’s supermodel, but I could pretend! To this day, every hallway is my catwalk, and I will spin in my robe, like Tyra, forever and ever always AMEN.

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Makeup Color Wheel

It’s the end of the day on Friday, blow off 15 minutes to watch this brilliant video and learn nearly everything you need to know to pick makeup colors that will beautifully complement your eye and skin colors.

This video is so informative, and the visuals make everything really easy to understand. Pleeeeease watch it! Trust me, you’ll be so glad you did.

Into The Gloss has a time marked summary of the video if you already know color theory, or want to get a quick idea of what you’ll be learning.