The Charlize Theron Perfume

We often joke that Sephora owes me some commission checks because nearly every time I’m in the store, I end up helping a stranger with their purchase. What can I say? I’m super nosy and also very helpful. I’m probably being annoying, but sometimes I have to step in!

Case in point: I overheard a couple trying to find a perfume on the wall. They kept calling it “the Charlize Theron perfume.” I kept my mouth shut, because an employee was nearby, so I figured they’d be on it. Nope! The couple asked for their Charlize Theron perfume, and the salesgirl was like, “Charlize Theron perfume? I don’t know what that is.” I KNOW WHAT IT IS!! ASK ME!! I’M RIGHT HERE!! But, they asked another girl, who had the same response, but she threw in a shrug for good measure. I couldn’t take it anymore. These poor people were just trying to buy a freaking Mother’s Day present, and they were getting nowhere. “It’s Dior J’adore,” I said to the perplexed couple. By this point, a group of three employees had gathered together to try to figure out the answer. So, I said it again, louder, “It’s Dior J’adore. Charlize Theron is the face of Dior right now, she’s in all the commercials for the perfume.” How do they not know this?! Have you seen the runway commercial?! It’s one of my favorite things ever on TV!

The couple went over to pick out their gift, and the girls at the counter called someone(?) to try to get to the bottom of the mystery. Why? Because every time I said the answer, one of them rolled their eyes while the rest of them ignored me. Like, look, I know you’re very important and official, but I’ve got eyes. After their call to the Sephora oracle, they came over to tell the customers, “It’s J’adore Dior.”


“Ok,” the couple said to the salesgirl. “THANK YOU,” the couple said to me.

What’s the point to this story? I’m a big know-it-all buttinsky, but I know what I’m talking about! Also, that commercial is awesome and beautiful and MEMORABLE.