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First Beauty Memories

My first beauty memory is of being, like, 5 or 6, and sitting at my fancy grandma’s cosmetics littered vanity while she put straight gold glitter on my eyelids. She had tons of fur coats, red talon-like nails, a whole room for wigs, and I thought she was the most glamorous fucking thing I’d ever seen.

She wasn’t the best grandma, maternal instinct wise, but she was the best grandma at letting a 6 year old wear diamond rings and eat shrimp cocktail.

What’s your first beauty memory?


4 thoughts on “First Beauty Memories

  1. Lace says:

    Speaking of gold glitter I have a memory I was just talking to my sister about, in 6th grade I used to wear body glitter like it was my skin couldn’t live without it and one Christmas Eve night we were all dressed up ready for church I just had to add my finishing touch (the roll on glitter) and sure as shit I was out! Ahh so in a hurry and a panic I grabbed my wet n wild glitter nail polish and painted my eyelids! Lol big mistake it dropped into my eyes burned like hell just a big mess I don’t recommend that to anyone 🙂

    • Sarah Cosper says:

      I love that you weren’t dressed for CHRISTMAS EVE CHURCH without body glitter!!! HAHAHAHAHA! A+! Great story! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Samantha smith says:

    My first beauty memory is so strange .I remember watching my mother use the same tube of lipstick as eyeshadow , blush, and lipstick . Crazy !

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