Gone Tomorrow

Hi! It’s me! Your boring, brown-headed friend.

new old hair

I gave up, you guys. The real of that blue hair was that it was a lot of work. I mean, it was a hair color that made me want to bleach and scrub my shower, like, twice a week. The twice a week I washed my hair.

This is the second time I’ve brought up my stained shower on this site, I am CLEARLY bothered by it. I can’t just say fuck it about that. I wish I could, but I’m old, I rent, my knees hurt, and I’ve been though enough stuff like this to see when something isn’t going to work.

It wasn’t just the stained tub, though. I got tired of the cold showers, I got tired of the blue fingers and ruined manicures, I got tired of needing to have my roots bleached (OUCH) every four weeks. I got tired of the dirty hair. I got tired of the dirty hair. If it was too much dirty hair for me, that’s a lot of dirty hair. I’d been breaking out a lot on my cheeks and jaw line, and I started thinking that maybe hours of rubbing my face and my dirty hair on the same pillow, every night, might have something to do with it.

Hair that gives me zits when it’s not ruining my tub? Yes, please!




Actually, no. No, thank you.

It made me sad, but I had to let it go. It was SO CUTE, I got SO MANY compliments, and SO MUCH attention…it was almost my dream hair. But, my dream hair is easier. My dream hair is all those things, plus it doesn’t make more chores for me. More chores? “More chores” is like “I forgot to eat,” those words are just not in my vocabulary.

So, the search for the perfect ‘do continues! What will it be? More and more I’m leaning towards the idea that it might just be wigs. I do have wig enthusiasm in my blood; my grandma had a whole dimly lit room full of them. Wigs on styrofoam heads and furs. It was a terrifying and glamorous room. I’m probably psychologically damaged by it. Maybe damaged good, like, that weird room turned me into the John Waters loving, dark beauty that I am. OR, damaged bad, like, that room is the reason why I can’t ever stop looking at celebrity autopsies. We’ll never know!


5 thoughts on “Gone Tomorrow

  1. Suzi says:

    I’m to that point even just trying to keep my hair red…I can’t imagine the upkeep with blue! You’re a stronger woman than I am, although, as stated above that blue looked amazing on you. This weekend I’m giving henna a shot for the first time to get a red that won’t immediately fade out. I did a test run on some hair from my brush last week and it seemed to go okay, so I guess we’ll see. If it ends badly, I’m joining you on TEAM WIG!

    • Sarah Cosper says:

      Good luck! I had bright red hair for a minute a few years ago, and I never would have kept it as long as I did if I hadn’t worked at a salon back then.

      • Suzi says:

        Supposedly the henna won’t fade out…we’ll see. I am the opposite of no-poo, I gotta scrub my hair once a day or I feel grungy, so my red always fades out to basically my natural color.

    • Sarah Cosper says:

      Thanks, Darci! It’s Rebel by MAC with a mattifying powder over the top. I really had to wrack my brain to remember what it was! It came to me just as I was starting to go crazy. Whew!

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