Weak Week

It’s finally the freakin’ weekend. Here’s a cute picture of my lab assistant in her natural environment.



Blerg, you guys. I feel like I’ve been dealing with random beauty mishaps all week. You know how stupid little things just build up and get annoying? That’s where I am right now. Just…annoyed.

On Monday, I went to get my eyebrows done, and my girl wasn’t there. Because it was an emergency (my eyebrows looked bad), I let one of the other ladies do it, and she did them too thin but still managed to leave a bunch of hair that needed to be removed.

Then, I had to make the decision to dump my new conditioner because I thought it was making my hair look dull and feel like a matted pile of old, shitty hay. I washed my hair that night, didn’t condition it in the shower, and then I used my Fekkai Pot de Creme to try and condition it when I got out. That worked ok, except for WHOOPS, I gave myself a couple of giant chin zits from having the leave-in conditioner on my hair in the night.

After that happened with the zits, I went to the beauty supply to get a new, regular conditioner. I bought my new conditioner, some cuticle nippers, and a few other things I needed. Later that evening, I got the nippers out of their little pouch to clean them and they had nail dust and cuticle bits stuck to the point, and exfoliating lotion on the handle. Fucking gross Outbreak nippers! I had to take them back to the beauty supply, and the girl was trying to tell me that’s just how some of them are, and I was like, WHATEVER. I am not trying to catch Outbreak from some dirty ass tools.

I was going to run this really gorgeous gold polish, but it’s sold out now. I really wanted you guys to see it. I guess I can still show you.


I sent an email trying to find out if the color was coming back, but I haven’t been able to find out. Hopefully, I’ll hear something and I can post the full review. Because what’s the point if you guys can’t buy it, right?

Oh. I’ve also been trying that Clear Scalp and Hair Therapy Shampoo. It promises stronger, more beautiful hair and a healthier scalp in 7 days. Based on how my experience has gone so far, I’m hoping you get that awesome hair and scalp when you grow a new scalp and hair after your old scalp completely flakes off and all your old hair falls out; because that’s where I am right now. So, things with that shampoo are either going really great or really terrible.

I’m listening to RuPaul right now, and trying to center myself. I’m going to do some Zen breathing and remind myself I’m the SUPERMODEL OF THE WORLD and all this other shit is just lame and ordinary.

In conclusion, this week can eat it.



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