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Pretty Ladies All In a Row

Big home improvement projects happening here over the weekend:

polish rack

These are load bearing polishes.

I’ve always dreamt of having an acrylic wall mounted nail polish rack. I love to see my preciouses there all lined up and pretty. Like, really, you’re supposed to keep your polish in a cool, dark place. But that was not working for me.

polish bin


They were all living in this bin, under our bed, slowly poisoning us while we slept. Probably. Opening that bin was a real kick to the sinuses, like WHOA. You can’t see a thing in there either. When I arranged all the polish in there in the first place, I thought it’d be clever to group them all by color. That lasted about 5 seconds. It feels dumb to tell people they have to put the polish back into the color family from which it came, so I just stood by and let anyone who looked through them put them back wherever. And, come on, what the fuck, like I’m going to dig through there and try and find the small section of silver polish when I need to put something back? No way.

This rack is so much better! It appeals to my warped sense of order that only works on makeup and my underwear drawer. You can’t open a closet in our house without risking a junk avalanche, but my chonies are neatly rolled and tucked away in straight, sexy, rows in their drawer, and my nail polish is arranged by brand. I *think* about rearranging the towel closet a lot, if that counts for anything.

My Farm Boy put up the rack for me, and then I got to work clearing out my polish bin.

I went with arranging them by brand instead of color, and I can not even explain to you how satisfying it was to click them all into place on the shelves. Hearing the literal click of the bottles on the acrylic and against each other while everything matched up and fit just right. Mmm. Heaven! I love it!

I’m going to need to do some reordering soon since I always have new polish in my future. I’m starting to see multiple acrylic racks in my future too….next up, stacked clear acrylic drawers for all my makeup. My train case in my closet is too out of sight, out of mind.

I ordered my rack off Amazon, and we picked up the wall mounts at a hardware store. It all came together pretty quickly!

The only downside is now Jason can see exactly how much polish I have. Too bad I always need more, FOR RESEARCH.

Buy this acrylic display rack HERE.


2 thoughts on “Pretty Ladies All In a Row

  1. Suzi says:

    You pulled the trigger!! I’m so glad you dig yours…I’ve been insanely happy with mine. I actually make people that are stopping by the house to hang out go look at it on the wall in my vanity area, so I think we share a similar level of obsession.

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