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Urban Decay Naked 3 Confirmed!

All we have right now is a teaser video!

But, at least now we can stop wondering if it exists, and start wondering what will be inside! WHAT COULD IT BE?!?! WHEN WILL WE KNOW!?!?!

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Surprise! Coconut Oil Hair Mask!

I’ve got coconut oil, a hotel shower cap, very dry ends, a mildly ambitious attitude, and last night’s Project Runway.

I’m going to get to the bottom of this coconut oil as hair mask situation for myself. Plus, this is going to be a good way to force myself into taking a shower.

First impression: I smell delicious. Makes me want a macaroon REAL BAD.

I’ll report back later!

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MAC Ru Viva Glam

MAC has brought back their original burgundy-red Viva Glam lipstick from 1994! With original Viva Glam SUPERMODEL OF THE WORLD, RuPaul!

I actually don’t have any of the Viva Glam lipsticks, but, I think the beginning is probably a good place to start. I’m into it! Ru is my Oprah, and as a person from the 90s, I have a deep understanding of burgundy lipsticks.

I’m going to buy it without even trying it on, because I know it doesn’t matter what I do, everything looks good on me. Supermodel.

Speaking of Ru and Supermodel, when was the last time you watched the “Supermodel” video?

Ru is everydamnthang in this video! She’s so fucking funny, it kills me! And the shout outs to all the 90’s Supermodels? LAWD, that makes my Evangelista loving heart skip a beat.

The 90’s were an amazing time. If you need more proof of this, allow me to take you to my happy place:

ru and nirvana

I just might make this my iphone screen.

Feel free to use it as your happy place too. Whenever you feel bad, just do a Google image search for the Ru and Nirvana. There are all kinds of photos! Ru holding a crying Frances Bean and trying to console her?! DEAD. I AM DEAD NOW.

Am I off topic? We were talking about Viva Glam. We can talk about the 90s any time. We can talk about RuPaul all the time, if you want. I mean, I’ve been thinking about hugging her since 1993. True Story: Ru tweeted back to me once about Miss J, from ANTM, and I got dizzy. Worlds were colliding and I couldn’t take it.

Buy Viva Glam The Original HERE. Every cent of the selling price ($15) goes towards helping people living with HIV/AIDS.


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Floss Gloss Fall 2013 Peep Show

The Baberaham Lincolns at Floss Gloss leaked their Fall 2013, ‘Princess of the Night’ collection, and it is THA DOPENESS.


floss gloss moon baby preview

“‘MOON BABY’ – An icy, yet dusty, baby- blue creme”

floss gloss dinge preview

“‘DINGE’ – a bad girl nude with a touch of pink and of course dinginess”

**I’ve been looking for a nude this color for YEARS**

floss gloss black holy preview

“‘BLACK HOLY’ – glossy black”

floss gloss faded preview

“‘FADED’ – inspired by faded tattoo ink”

**SUPER excited for this color too!!**

What do you guys think? I’m so into it, last night, I was sitting in bed, quietly putting the lotion on the skin, and Jason says, “What are  you thinking about? You look like you’ve got something on your mind?” And I was like, “I’m just thinking about the Floss Gloss Fall line. I’m planning out my color combinations for my fingers and toes. I’ve got it all figured out.”

I’m going “DINGE” on my fingers and “FADED” on my toes first.

I really can’t wait. I’m stalking around all their social media pages waiting for the preorder to drop. I haven’t been this into an entire nail collection since “Thakoon for Nars” Summer 2012, and I look at A LOT of nail polish.

They will be mine. Oh yes. They will be mine.


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I was just getting ready to trim my nails short, and then this poked me in the heart…

conlimonCon Limon

So, I basically lost my fucking mind because it’s so rad. I’m crazy now. Like, insane. I’m insane and I can’t breathe from the excitement!

Obviously, coming soon.



Manic Monday

That’s maybe the most cliched title for a Monday morning post, but I’m still finishing my coffee. Plus, the only other option I could think of was, “Morning Wood,” and that doesn’t even make sense. Unless you have a boner, maybe? If you have a boner right this second, I’m sorry I didn’t use that title instead. That would have been funny for us!

Did everyone have a good weekend? Did you all go out and look so fucking hot?

I bet you did. You sexy beasts.

I spent most of the weekend wrapped in ugly double carpal tunnel braces. I’m more machine than man! I’m a monster! Someone should make a wrist brace that’s easy to text in, and doesn’t look like shit. I’d buy two!

Enough of that! Am I running an orthopedic brace blog? What am I doing? Shut up, Sarah!

Here’s a look at some other stuff I’m doing this week:



I have an eyeshadow review coming up in just a bit, and we’ll kick off the giveaway today too. I’m so excited!! I might let my lab assistant pick the numbers out of a hat. She doesn’t have thumbs, but she makes up for it in personality.


We have bare faces in this photo, but we are not ashamed!