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Leave Your Mark


I entered this photo done in Urban Decay’s Revolution Lipstick in “69” in Urban Decay’s “Leave Your Mark” contest on Instagram. Fingers crossed, dudes!

If I won all those lipsticks, I’d scatter them all over my bed and roll around on them.

Good luck, me! Team Big Naturals Hot Dog Lips!

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Birchbox July 2013 Review and Photos

Birchbox July 2013

Since everyone is already getting their August Birchboxes, I’m going to do a quick review of July’s box.

July’s box didn’t start off great. After I got my shipping notice, the tracking info never updated and the box never showed up. I emailed Birchbox and they said a new one would be sent out to me, and I’d have it within 10 days. 10 days later, I sent another email asking why I still hadn’t received my box. They assured me it was coming. Sure enough, the next day, day 11, it was in my mailbox.

I got a notice that my August box had shipped before I even got my July box!

It’s too bad this month’s box was so late, since what was inside was pretty good.


ModelCo Party Proof Matte Lipstick in Peony

Birchbox 7:13 lipstick

What they said: Long lasting, nondrying pigment that won’t come off on your drink (or significant other).

What I say: No fucking way is this matte OR party proof. The color applies beautifully, smooth and creamy, but it comes right off just like any other lipstick. I waited around for it to turn matte, party proof, or something, but it never did. It absolutely left lipstick all over my drinks and my dude. I blotted it down, and that was helpful in keeping the color on my lips, but it was still transferring color. If they hadn’t claimed this lipstick was long wearing like that, I would have been totally happy with it. The dark hot pink color is really pretty, and I like the hydration you get. But, I don’t like being told something about a product that is 100% not true. Plus, my lipstick was broken at the base, so it’s moving around inside the tube a little. I don’t think the heat was very kind to it during shipping.

Marcelle BB Cream Golden Glow

What they said: True complexion illuminator with golden light reflecting pigments, the BB Cream Gold boosts radiance instantly and gives your skin a multitude of skincare benefits.

What I say: Loved it! I was shocked because my skin is notoriously hard to match, but the Marcelle BB Cream Gold blended right in, and made my skin look great. It wasn’t heavy, it evened out my tone, didn’t dry me out, and the golden sheen gave me a really pretty glow. I would really maybe buy this one! I don’t actually wear makeup out to run errands that much, but I’m going to use this little bottle and see how I like it. The moisturizing/correcting combo is pretty enticing.

Benta Berry G-1 Moisturizing Face Cream

What they said: A French best seller, this cream both hydrates and purifies, thanks to blueberry and dead nettle.

What I say: I liked this too! I’ve become pretty oily in my old age, which is totally fine. Oilier skin doesn’t wrinkle as fast! Buuuuuut, I do sometimes feel like I’m just melting off my makeup. This face cream claims to be mattifying. That was a little bit worrisome to me, since mattifying can often translate into drying. When I tried it out though, my concerns were unfounded. Since I’m usually extremely oily when I wake up, I put it on before bed one night, and when I woke up in the morning, my grease had been significantly decreased. My skin felt fine, not dry or gross. I wouldn’t use it all the time, since I don’t really mind my oils all that much, but it would be good for days when you really need a matte surface to lay down your face. Special events and stuff. Like I said, my skin felt fine. I liked it better on its own though. Also, this is the “SUITS” pick, as in that show on USA. So, that’s hilarious. Please call in “Burn Notice” next. I want Bruce Campbell picking out my lipsticks.

Color Club Collection Nail Polish in Put a Pin In It

What they said: This custom rose gold brightens andy summer ensemble – and looks great with a tan.

What I say: Hey, Nana! Want a new nail polish?!

Birchbox Bobby Pins

What they said: We designed these patterned pins to add style to summer hair with minimal effort.

What I say: They’re barrettes. They’re cute, I guess. They’re really hard to get open, and they hurt to take out. I will probably hardly ever, if ever, wear them.


Overall, this was a pretty good box. I’m going to use most of the stuff that came in it, and the samples were really decent sized. The wait was aggravating, so I can’t give it a completely great review this month. But, it’s better than last month, and I really feel like I got my $10 worth out of this box.

Sign up for Birchbox HERE!

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Maybelline Fuchsia Flash Color Sensational Vivids Review

Maybelline Fuchsia Flash diptic

Target, $5.54 (!!!!!)

I totally used this lipstick before I took product photos. I was just so excited!

I don’t buy a lot of drugstore lipsticks. But, for the sake of diversity, and my bank account, I’ve come around. So far, I’ve been pretty pleasantly surprised! This lipstick by Maybelline is so great, it gained entrance into the back pocket of my purse alongside my Givenchy lip gloss. Which means I like it so much, I’m willing to carry it around with me all the time. It also means I loved the color so much, I want to have it available as an option at any time. Yes, sometimes I leave the house without finishing my face. But that’s because I know I have a wide array of lip colors in my bag. Really, all the best stuff is in there.

Maybelline Color Sensational Vivids in Fuchsia Flash is an electric, bright fuchsia with blue undertones. It goes on creamy, glossy, and even with great coverage. The creamy texture does mean you’ll be able to see some lines if you press your lips together, but it isn’t noticeable, and it’s easy to even out. The glossy finish wears down to a satiny finish over a couple hours of wear. It’s not going to stick around through eating and drinking, but that’s ok. I don’t always need that. You do get quite a bit of hydration from the formula which is a great trade off for it not being super long wearing. If you’re not eating and drinking, you’ll get about 4 hours of wear out of an application.

The neon color is crazy on trend for summer 2013, so if you don’t see yourself as the kind of person who will keep on wearing an electric magenta lipstick forever, this is a great option. I AM the kind of person who will wear an electric magenta lipstick forever, so the killer price has got me excited. Another great thing about this particular color is that it’s a nearly dead on dupe for MAC’s Candy Yum Yum. The finish on the MAC color is matte. That’s pretty much the only difference. You could blot down this Maybelline color easily to get the same look without the drying effect you’ll often get from a matte lipstick.

Maybelline Fuchsia Flash photo

My hair looks long!! Bonus!

One of the best things about bright lip colors like this, is you can leave the rest of your face pretty bare, and you still have a finished look. It’s awesome. Mascara, blush, lipstick, BAM! Out the door looking SUPA FLY.

I just found a $2 off any Maybelline lip product coupon in a magazine, so I’m going to go snap up another one of these. It’s a good thing they only have the one blue based bright fuchsia. I just can’t seem to stop myself.

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Our Lipstick Stories

I love this video by Franchesca Ramsey. I told the condensed version of my lipstick story here before. Her video just totally confirms it; when you fall for lipstick, you fall HARD.

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Drugstore Lip Love

This piece on xoVain, “Lipsticks Are My Cigarettes,” has got me making a Target list! I want that orange one! I hardly ever buy drugstore lipstick, so I’m interested in giving them a shot.

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Rihanna Hearts MAC Giveaway!

It’s finally time for the Rihanna Hearts MAC giveaway! I’m really excited about this, especially now that the lipsticks I have to give away are sold out.

The Lab Bunny: I sit on the internet for hours to buy lipstick so you don’t have to!

I have one (1) tube of Riri Woo, and one (1) tube of Riri Boy, there will be two (2) winners, chosen randomly. The contest runs from today, 7/8, until Sunday evening, 7/14, at 11:59 PM. The winners will be announced next Monday!

Enter, share, cross your fingers and toes! Good luck!

TrophyRihanna Hearts MAC Giveaway
Your Entries
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Riri Boy & Riri Woo are sold out at MAC, but I have them to give away! Two winners will be chosen and announced on the morning of Monday, July 15th, 2013. Good luck! P.S. For every person that you refer, you'll get an extra entry in the contest. So please, share away! P.P.S. In case you're worried, we're totally not going to do anything creepy with with your email address. Promise.
This contest expired.
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Rihanna Hearts MAC RiRi Boy


RiRi Boy, MAC, $15

RiRi Boy is a muted, bright lavender in the same “retro matte” finish as RiRi Woo. I think purple lipstick is kind of intimidating for some people, but RiRi Boy is a cool purple with a lot of pink in it, so it’s pretty wearable. I loved this color!


I don’t love photos where I’m looking away, but, HELLO LIPS!

This picture makes me want to softly kiss my own mouth. I don’t know. I look pretty kissable. I have managed to bite the same spot on the inside of my lip three times in the last two days, so maybe I’m just trying to work up the courage to make a go at a real kiss with myself. Fingers crossed!

Like I said in my review of RiRi Woo, the “retro matte” finish means your lipstick isn’t going anywhere, but you also don’t have room for mistakes. It doesn’t dry your lips out, but it doesn’t moisturize either. It will definitely show if your lips are chapped or dry. I really like this finish though because I talk, and eat, and drink a lot, and I don’t want to worry about if I have lipstick everywhere on my face but my mouth. My rep couldn’t handle that kind of damage, you guys. I’d be ruined. Plus, gross! Get it together!

RiRi Boy is sold out right now, too, but their Up the Amp is the same color in MAC’s “cremesheen” finish. So, again, if you really have to have the color, you can get it. The finish will be glossier, and it won’t have the staying power, but you’ll have the color.

Orrrrrr… can enter my giveaway! Stay tuned? Stay connected?

Those aren’t right, and they sound stupid.

Keep your internet on!

There we go.

P.S. There’s a third RiRi Hearts MAC lipstick, a berry color, Heaux. I didn’t buy that one because it’s the same color/different finish as MAC’s Rebel, and I already have Rebel. I can post pics of that one if you guys want to see it, but it isn’t a new color. 

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Rihanna Hearts MAC RiRi Woo



I am a big Rihanna fan. I love her style, I love to sing her songs, and I love that she is unapologetic about who she is.

I think we’d get along great! We enjoy similar after-school activities, and we seem to have the same views on dudes and what they’re packin’. Namely, don’t brang it if you can’t swang it. Know what I mean?

Her badass personality and look make her an awesome collaborator for MAC. I don’t jump at every one of their collections, but I was EXCITED for this one.


RiRi Woo, MAC, $15

RiRi Woo is a cool toned red in MAC’s creamy “retro matte” finish. This formula makes for a lipstick that goes on smoothly, but does require a little finesse and a steady hand. It’s highly pigmented, and the matte formula keeps it from slipping or fading. But, if your lips aren’t in good condition, it’ll show. People who are new to the vivid lipstick game might struggle with it a little, but practice makes perfect!


Please excuse my “art” photo. I wanted to get my nails in there too!

I wore RiRi Woo for 6 hours the other day, and in over 100 degree weather while I was eating through a farmers market. The matte finish means it didn’t go anywhere.

I took a picture, and I’m going to show it to you, but I look like I’ve been sweathogging all over the place. Be kind.


Just be glad you can’t smell me.

RiRi Woo is sold out right now. The site says there will be more, but who knows if that’s true. If you MUST HAVE IT, its namesake, “Ruby Woo,” is a MAC classic that’s always available. People who own both RiRi Woo and Ruby Woo say the difference between the two colors is minimal, so you can get the same look with Ruby Woo.

If you don’t want to settle for Ruby Woo, keep an eye out for my giveaway soon!

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MAC Feel My Pulse


MAC, $16.50

I just spent over 2 hours, sitting in front of my laptop, trying to buy some of the RiRi lipsticks from MAC. I think I got mine! It was frustrating as hell though.

I don’t know why I do these things to myself, I actually cried the night of the Missoni for Target launch because the site kept crashing, things kept popping in and out of my cart, and I felt like I was losing my mind. Like, I legit have shopping PTSD from that launch. Anyone else who was in the online trenches that night knows what I’m talking about. I still wake up some nights, drenched in sweat, dreaming of the matching washcloths I lost in the battle….

Feel My Pulse didn’t put me through all kinds of madness to get it. I just walked up to the MAC counter, saw the pretty purple color, and said, “I’ll have that one.” That was it.

I loved this color on; the magenta violet color was pinker on the lip than the color looked in the tube, and the Cremesheen finish makes application an easy process, without drying your lips while you wear it. I would have been happy with a color that was more purple, but it was cool.


lips: Feel My Pulse, eyes: Urban Decay’s Half Baked

Feel My Pulse is part of the limited edition “Temperature Rising” collection. It’s an awesome summer color, but it’s rich enough to pull double duty in the winter too.


What a rip.

Well, I found it at my local MAC counter without any trouble, so hopefully you can too.

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Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter Peach Parfait

peach parfait

It’s a good thing I’ve been in sexy self-portrait training for so many years. All my hard work, honing my craft since the early days of the internet, is finally paying off!

I mentioned Revlon’s “Peach Parfait” Lip Butter before, and when I used it the other day, I thought I would show you what I was talking about. It’s a good “My mouth just looks this sexy!” lip color.